Living Stones Church

Craig Parish

Craig Parish
Missions and Mercy Pastor

Why did you choose The City?

The City is constantly innovating, but staying true to their vision. If The City was where it was at when we first started researching them and not adapting, we would not have gone with them. Their new innovations sold us. For example, we are really looking forward to Children’s Check-in feature. We knew they were a fairly new program and willing to adapt and grow with their churches.

Before joining The City, how were you trying to achieve your objectives regarding building and facilitating an active community and what, if any, frustrations did you have?

We were using Fellowship One before changing to The City. It was a powerful tool, but got messy, hard to manage, and non-effective. Our group leaders also used email to communicate with their groups.

How is The City helping you accomplish your objectives?

Everyone can be a user with The City. Members are accountable for their own data, they share and delegate responsibilities, and they can select settings to determine how much communication they received. Plus, they can connect to other social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, through The City. We, as a whole, are sending 5-6,000 messages per week; I do not know what that would look like without The City. There is so much communication between ministry heads, church leaders, and our members - posting prayer request, discussion groups have their own topics – everyone is engaged beyond Sundays.

About Living Stones Reno

Living Stones Church, in Reno, Nevada, is a church plant that started as a small Bible study and grew into its own church in January, 2010. A majority of its congregation of 1,000 are in their mid 20s to 35. They focus on missional living through small interest groups and on serving their church, city, and world.