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Gary Brumley

Gary Brumley
Minister of Worship

Why did you choose The City?

As the web and communications guy, I was asked to find a better way for us to communicate with our congregation. The moment I saw information on The City, I knew it was what we needed. It has lived up to my expectations and it continues to grow. I cannot imagine not using it. In too many ways to count, The City has been a blessing to our congregation.

What are your objectives at Redeemer Church regarding building and facilitating an active community?

We want to see ministry become less programmatic and more relational. We are looking at ways to multiply ministry by equipping people to do ministry, rather than depending on the church for opportunities. Our members seem to be restless unless they are connecting with the unreached.

How is The City helping you accomplish your objectives?

In the past, when we've had someone with an idea for ministry who wanted to organize something for a group of people to go do, we (the church staff) had to evaluate if they possessed the leadership and organizational skills to make it happen. The City helps mobilize people and doesn't require every- thing to go through the church office. All we have to do is set up a group for them and they have a tool bag to use. Their ministries can be more grass- roots oriented. We are seeing ministry multiplied. For example, we have a running group that organized themselves around fitness and fellowship. Now, they show up at various race events, wearing Redeemer t-shirts, being a visual testimony outside our church walls.

What is the biggest impact The City has made on your mission as a church?

It has been a tool that enables the congregation to organize at a grassroots level that doesn't require a lot of administrative support from the church staff. Our congregation is somewhat spread out geographically and The City has become a mid-week connection tool for them to communicate, discuss, and respond to each other even though we are scattered.

About Redeemer Church

Five-year-old Redeemer Church is a distinctive, reformed Baptist church serving its region, not just its neighborhood. They tend to draw a congregation with a wide range of personalities and backgrounds, who share a passion for mission and outreach.