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Shawn Wood

Shawn Wood
Former Experiences Pastor

What are your objectives for building and facilitating an active community? How is The City helping get it done?

Creating stronger communications with a congregation of our size pres- ents a great opportunity. There are ‘one (staff) to many’ communications that keep members informed. And the ‘many back to one’ communications that let us see member profiles, what groups are talking about, thinking about, praying about, etc. The City also helps engage new members and closes the backdoor so they’re more likely to integrate into our church family. We see thousands of visitors each year and The City gives us a new ability to get them connected. Then there’s ‘one-on-one’ personal communication. Recently a pastor told me he connected on The City with the husband of a member who had moved to California. Through their interaction, he led the man to Christ — from the other side of the country.

What’s been the reaction of staff members to using The City?

It’s been great! With other tools we’ve used, some loved and others hated them. With The City, no one is having a hard time and they’re excited by its potential. A fellow pastor commented that, when we first started, our goal was not to have a huge church because smaller churches are more conducive to communication. The City is helping us become a "Great big - huge, little church."

What is the biggest impact The City has made on your mission as a church?

  1. Communicating – to easily stay in touch with our congregation. Our departments are all equally able to get their message out. 
  2. Assimilation – getting new and old members connected with smaller groups within our organization. 
  3. Greening us up – with The City, our printing needs have been reduced, allowing us to be more environmentally friendly.

About Seacoast Church

Seacoast Church’s average weekly attendance is 10,000 worshippers across its 13 locations, including a web campus. Its members are of a wide spectrum of ages, with 36 being the average age. It has a central support staff that assists all campuses, as well as campus-specific staff. Seacoast Church has been blessed with a fast growing congregation over the last couple of years.