Taproot Church

Danny Braga

Danny Braga
Lead Pastor

How is The City helping you accomplish your objectives regarding building and facilitating an active community?

The City brings our community together. It has established a front door to the church for our visitors and a conversation facilitator for our members. We encourage visitors to open up an account and participate on The City right away. They can meet with elders, get involved with groups, and listen in on conversations. It is a great resource for them to get more knowledge about our church and our congregation.

For our members, they will post theological questions, answers to event planning and prayer requests. The City has served in a great way already and, as we continue to grow, The City as a communication tool will be invaluable.

What is the reaction from members who are using The City?

I think you gauge the reaction by the use and we have a good portion using The City, especially our 30 and under. Social media is such a part of who they are and what they do now. It has also opened up an interesting engagement opportunity. Our technologically experienced members are teaching our non-computer savvy members how to use The City.

Would you recommend The City to another church?

I would most definitely recommend The City, especially for small, young church planting communities. If your church is focused around small group interaction and less about Sundays, The City frees you up from revolving around Sunday morning. You can use The City to organize other events around your community to involve your members. Our Des Moines group posted a city Clean Up event. It generated conversations about community clean up and now we have seen other groups organize neighborhood Clean Up Days. We have been using The City for about a year and we are starting to see it really be used effectively.

About Taproot Church

With a congregation of 100, Taproot Church is located in Des Moines, Washington — a suburb of Seattle. It is a growing, replanted church with a majority of members being young couples or young families, but has a great spread from different generations — grandparents to kids.