Terra Nova Church

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor
Executive Pastor

How is The City helping your members connect better?

Internally, we stress small group participation – what we call ‘New Tribes.' We tell people there are two ways to be involved with our church: Sunday services and small groups. The City is good at connecting people together through conversation. Our small groups share prayer requests and needs, get together with each other between meetings, and get people engaged with our church community.

Why did you decide to use The City?

We decided to use The City after investigating church management solutions. We really liked The City's social component. Each small group has its own homepage all encompassed within one secure web site.

Before joining The City, how were you building and facilitating an active community?

We were using e-mail, Facebook, personal connections/face-to-face, blogs, our web site, and Sunday announcements to communicate with our congregation. The City replaced some of these completely and is used in conjunction with others as a communication channel.

Why did you decide to use The City?

The City streamlined communications for our church. It is a very useful tool for our small group instructors and gives us a better way to communicate with our congregation as a whole.

About Terra Nova Church

With a congregation of 300, Terra Nova Church is known for its artistic and energizing atmosphere. Located in Troy, New York within walking distance of several college campuses, Sunday services are held in a 200-year-old building turned night club. A majority of its members are college students and young, growing families.