Vintage21 Church

Jayson Humphrey

Jayson Humphrey
Director of Connections

What are your objectives at Vintage21 Church regarding building and facilitating an active community? How is The City helping you accomplish your objectives?

Our mission as a church is based on Jesus' Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20). We strive to know Jesus; live out the gospel of Jesus in the open, together, within our city; and to build His church. As Director of Connections, my job is welcoming visitors to Vintage21 and to help them get connected. The City facilitates the process of getting newcomers engaged, connected, and involved. I have a three to six month window from when someone starts coming to talk with her, guide her to meeting people, and get her involved with the church. If she is on The City, I have the information I need to talk with her and connect with her. Without The City, there is a bigger challenge in connecting with visitors.

What has been the reaction from staff members who are now using The City?

Instead of just having engagement from our pastors on Sunday, they can now engage members throughout the week, which is cool! Thankfully, Pastor Tyler is one of our best users of The City and frequently encourages the congregation to participate too. It is nice to see them embrace this tool and to see activity increase because of increased participation.

What is the biggest impact The City has made on your mission as a church?

Missionality exploded after we launched The City. Over the years, God has been preparing the hearts of our congregation to be more missional. In light of our hearts being prepared, using The City is a big catalyst for our further and increased engagement.

About Vintage21 Church

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Vintage21 Church is in its 8th year. When it started out, members tended to be urban, college students. Today, its 1,000 person congregation is age, background, and racially diverse thanks to members inviting family and friends to attend.