The City simplifies administration and puts data to work for you, so you can stay focused on ministry.
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Versatile Structure

Church plant or mega church. Mobile or Multi-Site. The City is flexible enough to to complement your church’s ministry structure. As your church grows, or as your needs change, it’s simple to make structural adjustments along the way. And our data import and export tools, along with custom metrics, make it easy to utilize your data for the mission.

Data Import / Export

You own your data, and The City’s integrated import/export tools make it easy for you to maintain a reliable database and put your data to work whenever you need.

Actionable Reporting

The City’s integrated reporting features give you access to timely information and statistics that are relevant to the mission of your church. With built-in participation and engagement tracking, customizable metrics, and to-the-minute giving reports, you always have the information you need to lead your church well.

Distributed Authority

The City simplifies pastoral oversight at every level, giving you new insight into the vitality and health of your church. It’s easy to delegate administrative roles, and provide granular permissions and security levels for administrative tools, with minimal training required.

Reliable Information

By providing an engaging experience for community life, people will naturally update their personal information in The City, giving you a complete profile of your congregation and a reliable database without having to commit staff hours to keeping data current.

Customizable Branding

From colors, to logos, to background imagery and font styles, The City’s design tools help you reinforce the identity of your church and build a highly-valued channel for communication and community.

Custom Fields

In addition to The City's robust church participant profile data, it's simple to create up to 20 custom data fields to store additional participant information. Our bulk import and export tools make it simple to import or update this data from an existing database, and our on-demand exporting lets you export and build custom reports.

Membership Management

Build a robust and reliable participant database with The City. Our bulk import and update tools let you quickly bring existing participant data, including membership status and history, into The City, and our built-in Process Manager streamlines your membership process.

Process Builder

Create processes for membership, spiritual development, discipleship, leader development, or any other administrative process, all with built-in reporting and data management. Embed audio, video, readings, assessment questions, and interviews to better lead, serve, and equip the people of your church.