Module: Children’s Ministry

With the Children's Ministry Module, Sunday check-in isn’t just an administrative task, it’s an opportunity for families to connect to the life and ministry of your church.
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Fully Integrated

Built specifically for the Church, The City gives you a single, unified system for Children’s Ministry communication, event planning, Sunday check-in, and ministry to families.

Event Management

When you create a children’s ministry event in The City, you just follow a few simple steps to get it on the calendar, schedule volunteers, and book the appropriate rooms. Volunteers can sign up to fill a role on their own, or you can assign roles for them.

Fast Check-In

It’s quick for parents to check-in their children. They simply scan their barcode, select which children to check in, and name tags and a parent receipt print automatically -- all in less than 20 seconds.


First-time check-in for new families is easy, too. Parents just provide basic contact info for themselves, and the name and any special needs for each child they’re checking in. They can also scan a barcode card from their wallet to streamline future check-ins.

Self-Serve Check-In Kiosk

The City’s touch-optimized check-in kiosk is designed to be parent-driven, with minimal staff assistance required. Check-in for returning families usually takes less than 20 seconds.


After the event, it’s easy to send a message to tell parents what their kids learned that day. Parents who checked in children for the first time are invited to a group in The City where they can interact with your children’s ministry leaders and other parents.

Flexible Implementation

The City’s check-in kiosk is optimized for touchscreen displays, but works just as well on any computer. It also accommodates the parent notification systems you already have in place.

Pre-Registration Mode

The City's Pre-Registration Mode helps streamline your transition to Children's Ministry in The City by making it easy for families to register before your launch.