The City was built for the Church. So, it gives you a powerful platform for all the communication that drives the mission of your church.
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Unified Communication Platform

It's not about talking, it's about communication. That means it's about us, not about me. The City unifies communication for your whole church, and all the communities and individuals within it.

Effortless Broadcast

It’s easy to broadcast communication to everyone in your church. Write your message and it’s posted to The City and sent by email. Church-wide communication floats to the top of everyone’s News Feed, so it’s easy to keep your whole church connected to the mission.

Targeted Communication

Need to communicate with a certain demographic in your church? The City knows the people and communities that make up your church body, making it simple to target communication to just the right people, without flooding anyone’s inbox.

Contextual Engagement

Setting your communication in the context of the daily life and ministry of your church helps you engage your people and cut through the general noise of the web. And since individuals can manage their communication preferences, The City helps important communication come through loud and clear.

Multi-Directional Interaction

You don’t just talk at people, you talk with them. Communication in The City is interactive, enabling the people and communities of your church to connect more deeply with each other in life and ministry, even directly from email.

Email Integration

You don’t need to log into The City to stay connected to communication. Anything you post in The City is also sent out by email, and people can respond directly from email. The City even keeps track of how many emails were sent and opened.

Personalized Channel

People only see communication that is connected to the communities, networks, ministries, and relationships they’re invested in, so they stay more connected to the mission God has called them to.

Community Website

Anything you post in The City can be shared to people outside your church through a public website called the Plaza. From there, it’s easy for people to share with their friends through social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It’s also simple to import an RSS feed from the Plaza into any website.

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Connect your personal communication in The City to your Facebook or Twitter account, and choose what you want to make public. Your friends on Facebook can even interact with your church’s public content through The City Plaza.

Custom Promotions

The only advertisements your people will see inside The City are the promos you create. It’s easy to upload your custom artwork and even target your promotions to specific demographics, and your promos will display in The City and in emails sent from The City. We’ll even track the number of views and clicks for you!

Personal Profiles

Everyone in your church can create and manage their own personal profile. And since City profiles are only accessible from within the care of community, your people can be free to know and be known.

Gift/Skill-Based Need Matching

Since everyone in your church can add skills to their personal profile, it's easy for you to target needs and service opportunities to just the right people based on their specific skills and gifts.

Mobile Accessibility

The City’s mobile version is optimized for touchscreen mobile devices, making it easy for everyone in your church to stay connected to community life, even on the go.