Church life happens in community. So The City gives every group in your church a private space for sharing life and ministry throughout the week.
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Love each other. Unite in prayer. Meet needs. Discuss, encourage, share. Remember and celebrate. Plan events. The City’s group features were built specifically for the church, to enable the unique mission of Christian communities.

Flexible Structure

No matter the size or structure of your church, The City makes it easy to create and customize the groups you need to fit the specific needs of your church. And as your church grows or your needs change, it’s easy to make adjustments.

Delegated Authority

The City gives you clear oversight of all your groups, with built-in participation and engagement reporting, so you can enable grassroots ministry without sacrificing Biblical authority.

Private & Public

The privacy of groups in The City makes it easy to maintain trust and build deeper community. Of course, when your group needs to network with other groups in your church, or connect with people outside your church, The City makes that easy, too.

Measurable Impact

Built-in reporting means you’ll always know the pulse of life in specific groups and your church as a whole. You’ll know who’s engaged in community and how engaged they are. The City even lets you create custom metrics for evaluating the health of your groups.

User-Created Unofficial Groups

The City’s Seed Groups feature gives people in your church the ability to create groups around special interests and ministry callings. Seed Groups are unofficial, but still connected to the pastoral care and oversight of your church. So you can enable and shepherd the spontaneous, grassroots ministry of your whole church.

Connection Kiosk Mode

Turn any computer into a connection kiosk to help newcomers and disconnected members get connected quickly into the life of your church. An integrated Connect Group matches newcomers with your assimilation staff or volunteers, so they can help them find just the right group to join.