Map of The City

The Whole City (tap to view)

Everyone in your church is here, in one large group. This church-level group makes it easy to communicate church-wide news, publicize events and campaigns, and keep everyone on the same page. You can even communicate with people outside your City by posting your content to the Plaza.

Your City also has other common areas, like the Marketplace (a church-wide place to share, buy, or sell things) and a Service Opportunities board for finding ways to serve the church body.

Campuses (tap to view)

If you're a multi-site church, The City gives you campus-level groups that make it easy to communicate to everyone within each campus. Of course, everyone is still in the church-level group, too, so they still get all the important church-wide vision and communication.

People (tap to view)

Just like a real city, your City is made of people. And those people come together to form communities. The City is about real relationships, so people in your church can join the groups they're connected to in real life. Leaders have several different group types with special features to choose from, along with customizable settings within each group. Regardless of the group type or settings, every group is meant to build community and enable ministry.

People in your City also control their own personal info and communication preferences, and have access to personal growth tools, friends' status updates, and the ability to message other individuals.

Admin (tap to view)

There's a good bit of infrastructure behind the scenes of your City, but we've worked hard to make administration easy for you. You can customize features, configure settings, and administer groups and user accounts, and we also serve up some valuable statistics and metrics. You can also use The City's connect groups to welcome newcomers to your church, and create custom processes for discipleship, membership, and pastoral care.

The optional Children's Ministry module helps you provide an awesome check-in experience and connect new families into community, and the Giving Module (also optional) gives your church a great online giving experience.