The City is great for churches of all shapes and sizes, from church plants to mega churches, and everything in between. Here are some ways The City meets the needs of common size-related church dynamics:

Church Plants & Small Churches:

Keep it simple.

No need to mess with multiple systems. No bloated feature menus. Keep things organized in one place.

Speak freely.

Just invite people to The City and your contact list manages itself. Communicate to everyone with one click.

Follow through.

The Connect Kiosk helps you welcome, connect, and track progress of new people. No staff position required.

Stay flexible.

Today’s structures, strategies, or people may be different tomorrow. With The City you can easily make changes as you go.

Medium-sized Churches

Don’t forget.

Organizational memory can fade, but The City makes it easy to build long-term stability even as people move into new roles.

Keep growing.

The City’s group-centered approach means that new leaders can come up to speed more quickly.

Scale up.

With a flexible group structure, The City lets you add or move groups any time. You can also use more of our admin tools as needed.

Use leverage.

You used to see everyone every week, now you need different leverage points. The City helps you delegate authority without being irresponsible.

Large & Extra Large Churches:

Stay small.

Your large church doesn’t feel so big when everyone is connected to meaningful relationships throughout the week.

Keep focus.

Even with so many things going on, it’s easy to keep everyone informed with The City as your communication hub.

Don’t lose touch.

The City helps pastors of large churches stay in touch with what’s really happening in the lives of people, and makes direct follow-up easy.

Move quickly.

No need to slow down now. The City helps you build a large, engaged church that can move incredibly quickly.