The City is a little like [...]

There are lots of free social communication and organization tools out there that do many of the things The City does. So, why shouldn’t your church simply use free tools and save some money?

Here are a few good reasons why The City is a better value:

Free doesn’t mean there’s no cost.

Price is important, but let’s talk about value. Even if an application is free to use, there’s an investment required to get people using it and keep them using it in the right way. And when your communication is spread out in too many directions, it can have the effect of eroding the sense of connection within your church. Not to mention the time it takes just to manage all those different tools. You may not see this as an expense on your bank statement, but it’s costing you in a big way.

The City is built for the Church.

This is a very important point, even if it doesn’t show up on a feature comparison checklist. We build The City specifically for the Church, which means we consider how every feature will actually work within the unique context of the local church. That’s why you control what gets promoted inside your City. Or, why you can create as many groups as you need, and configure them in the way that works best for your church.

The City has more to offer.

We’ve learned from the things others have done well, so you will no doubt see similarities between The City and other applications you’re familiar with. But we’ve also adapted and innovated to create solutions specifically for the context of the local church, so you’ll find that The City does many things that just seem right for your church, but that you’ve never really expected from other applications.

The City is a unified platform.

Sure, it’s feasible to use a church website, Facebook, and Twitter for broadcast communication, plus email campaigns for more focused communication to a mailing list, plus Google Groups for small group communication, plus Evite for managing event invitations, plus, plus, plus. The City helps you do all of that in one place. And since it’s for your whole church, everyone can be there together, with access to the information and relationships they need.

And when the people of your church have a single place dedicated to helping them stay connected to all that God is doing in and through your church, guess what? They’ll be more invested in the daily life and ministry of your church and more empowered to be the light of the world.

How The City stacks up to...

The City

Gives you the privacy that deep relationships need and doesn’t try to distract you away from your community. Plus, you can still reach out to your broader network on Facebook through the public-facing City Plaza.

The City

Begins with real community, where your people are already engaged. They manage their own info, so you don’t have to wrangle lists. Type your message, people get emailed, you see the proof. And because people manage their level of email engagement within each group, they will be able to stay connected to the groups that matter most to them.


Makes it easy to plan an event and email invitations. People can RSVP on the event page, so everyone can see who’s coming. Of course, you have to know the email addresses of people you want to invite.

The City

Puts event planning in the context of community. Create an event in a group, and everyone’s invited. Plus RSVPs and sign-ups. It all shows up in your iCal-subscribable calendar. And you can share outside the group and outside The City, if you want. Oh, you don't have email addresses handy? No worries, The City takes care of that.