“Seacoast is a great big church, but community and communication happens well in little churches...The City is going to help Seacoast be a great big little church.”
Greg Surratt
Senior Pastor, Seacoast Church
“I love how the City grows with us. We have just begun the process of going to multiple-campuses. We are adding new folks to the church while adding them into new targeted community.”
Jerry Funston
Lead Pastor, The Journey Fellowship
“The City has been a great tool to help with the assimilation process for our service teams and community groups, primarily. The relative ease of use has allowed us to get it up and running fairly effectively...”
Alex Adema
Pastor, Restoration Church
“We have created a nine month Missional Elder Training and Discernment Course for elder candidates. The City has been providing a great online space for me as the pastor and trainer and candidates to wrestle through different theological issues before our face-to-face time. It is an invaluable tool that is encouraging valuable, life-changing growth!”
Paul Vroom
Lead Pastor, Missio Dei Church
“The ability to better connect has been huge. Prayer requests, needs, meetings, hanging out have all been enhanced through The City. As the pastor seeing people pop onto The City and add a photo to their own profile has helped me in a huge way put faces and names together. It's all pretty awesome, thanks!”
Ben Eige
Lead Pastor, Ephesus Church
“We've seen increased participation across the board and I think the City reinforces. It also increases communication and folks can see how their small ministries fit in the larger context.”
Jeremy Carr
Lead Pastor, The Well
“What I've especially enjoyed about the City is how it's enabled us to get folks on the same page, literally. It's been a great way for leaders to know who people are, for us to gauge how connected people are, and for our elders to use in "overseeing the flock". The facts that we can go to one site and check addresses, prayer request, event participation, giving contributions, etc... and be able to get in touch with people, schedule and communicate with volunteers and streamline our dissemination of member-sensitive information has been a huge convenience and blessing.”
Sam Byers
Lead Pastor, Believers Church
“I can't say enough great things about the City! I love how it's enabled us to grow our team, improve communication as we're a church which gathers from a larger geographical area (3 towns and a number of villages) , and it's been an amazing way for new people to get a glimpse of the community within Hope Church.”
Kenny Baird
Lead Pastor, Hope Church